Providence Baptist Church – New Auditorium

IMG_9170For over a year, the leadership and congregation at Providence Church in Raleigh, NC have been planning the expansion of their worship space. Meeting in a converted shell of a hotel, Providence now felt the good pain of growth and the realities that their current worship space was no longer going to accommodate the surge of attendees each week.


In the Fall of 2016, with recommendations from Brooks Abbott, former Providence attendee now CTS’s own lead audio engineer, and consulting firm Idibri, which has partnered with CTS on other projects – the process to get a new worship center built was underway.


The scope of the new build included Audio, Video, and Lighting in the main room as well as Audio/Video distribution through the lobby, offices, and green rooms areas. Working with specific brand requests from the team at Providence and consultant Idibri, CTS was able to meet those needs from their extensive dealer relationships.


With the horseshoe style design, the 1250 seat room was wide yet shallow, allowing the congregation to have a close and intimate experience. To cover this area 28 EAW conventional trapezoid boxes of varying dispersion angles were specified and ultimately installed using QSC processing.


As you walk into the room, it’s hard not to notice the two 18’x 10’ LED video walls over the upstage wall. Providing image magnification and lyrics for the congregation. Given their location close the stage the congregation’s focus is never split by having to look away from what’s happening to limit distractions and create an environment where congregants can worship.


Wayne Mertz, Project Manager at CTS, recalled the early stages of the install and having to deal with the weather “This one started off on a rough foot when delays on site caused our pre-rigging trip to be made in the rain and snow with minimal walls.” This is a great example of how flexible you have to remain when working on installs. Despite mother nature, Wayne went on to say, “We also had collaboration with the live Production department here at CTS on this project, with Jeff Culmer, and Brooks Abbott helping out on site to finish up testing before their first use.”


For more information on this project, or to discuss your own, please reach out to Neal Watson.