Today’s installed Audio/Video/Lighting/Acoustic systems must all function in unison in order to communicate messages in the most dynamic way. Having a partner with the expertise in each of these disciplines is fundamental to solving the creative needs, environmental restrictions, future growth and fiduciary restraints of such capital investments. Our work as a team, integrates the process by eliminating competing interests, simplifying communication and reducing cost overlap. In short, CTS provides the insight to define your needs, knowledge-based design to achieve your purpose, and customer care to deliver unparalleled results.

Our Services

Audio Integration

  • Live Audio
  • Theater Hall Installation
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Mixing Console Integration
  • Recording Studios


  • Indoor LED Walls
  • Image Magnification
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Video Production Rooms
  • Live Video Switching

Lighting Design

  • LED Stage Lighting
  • Moving Fixtures
  • Stage Lighting Design
  • Lighting Control Integration
  • Stage Wash Fixtures

System Integration

  • Crestron Control Integration
  • Audio Tuning/EASE Modeling
  • Video Calibration
  • Network Integration
  • Control Interface Design

The CTS Process

CTS uses our collective team intellect and 25 years of experience in tandem with CAD design, EASE modeling and FFT analysis to provide predictable results and long term value for your investment.We merge the knowledge and skill of audio, video and lighting designers with the real world experience and demands of pastors, worship leaders, touring artists, and technicians alike. We listen to everyone involved in the process and discuss present objectives and future growth. Finally, we agree on a written list of outcomes and then design and install the systems. Once installed, we provide the necessary staff training to ensure operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Key Partners