Connecting messages to the hearts of an audience is the core of what we do. With audio as our medium and technology in our toolbox, our team delivers results with technical skill and passionate creativity. Whether our clients utilize music, dance, preaching, drama or laughter, we sell, install and provide the equipment and expertise to help them make the connection. In every way we do things, we look for a freshness in our approach. Clearly different is the brave challenge, to defy the status quo. From the gear we deploy to the attitude we display, the difference should be clear to every client. We’re certainly not perfect, but we’re committed to this noble aspiration, striving to serve our clients with excellence, fair pricing, and consistent performance.

Our Team

Technology alone doesn't inspire. People Do.
Our clients look to us for advanced production technology, precisely because we don't just offer that. At CTS, we're very selective with who we bring onto our team. We invest the training and resources into our people to ensure that they can serve our clients with personal rapport, technical skill, and passionate creativity. Together we share a vision and celebrate our success as only a community can do. Smart solutions. Personalized service.

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Our Values